for.mat is a design bookstore&coffee shop that blends digital and analog together; sees creativity in action; imagines beyond limitation. For.mat is a creative community that connects thoughts and people.

Drying Out: A Slow Motion Climate Disaster

An exhibition about desertification. The graphic identity mainly focuses on presenting dryness and burning out.

New Vision Gallery

New Vision Gallery is a fictional photography gallery that commits to discovering young emerging artists. It is aiming to engage in the discussion of the future of photography and create a safe space for innovative thinking. New Vision Gallery welcomes all styles and forms of photography that encourage creative thinking locates in a quiet block in West Village in New York.

Full video click here.

Saturnbird Coffee

Coffee shop ‘Into The Force’ VI proposal;
Saturnbird branding materials including E-ID, certificate, and packaging visuals.  


Logo for local boutique shop.   

一方耘 Yi Fang Yun

Yi Fang Yun is a brand that produces organic and  high quality multigrains. It centers around the ideology of ‘the unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants’.   

Pattern System for Hauns

Used for presentation decks and the website.

Logo design for selected clients

Plane Mirror
Yundai Shopping App